Best Pressure Washers 2018

GreenWorks GPW2002

Best Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are versatile tools for both professionals and home owners. And anyone who owns a home should have a pressure washer. They’re the only thing that cleans things easily like your driveway, the side of your house, your car, fences, and decks. Today we will be taking a look at 8 of the best pressure washers on the market today and putting them all through their paces. They all come with different nozzles you can interchange, adjust the way the spray is, detergent compartments. These all have a pressure rating of around 2,000 PSI, pounds per square inch, which is right in the middle of what’s recommended for cars, lawn furniture, and then the next level such as driveways, siding, and decks.

A pressure washer can output more water pressure because of its motor. It uses way less water, even up to 80% in some cases compared to the ordinary hose. The pressure can clean anything, have you ever seen a pressure washer clean your rims?

* Check your City and State rules before buying a pressure washer, while they use up to 80% less water than a garden hose their use is restricted in some parts of the country.

When looking to purchase a pressure washer there are a number of factors you might want to consider

  • Output Pressure – High pressure means your pressure washer cleans things easily, like your back porch or siding.
  • Water Volume – The amount of water output at max pressure is measured in Gallons Per Minute (GPM).
  • Features – Some pressure washers such as the Stanley SLP2050 have a detergent compartment, making it better suited cleaning vehicles than cleaning driveways.

What you want in a pressure washer depends on your needs and what you are going to be using it for. Our reviews will be written from the average home owners perspective, looking at how they perform such as cleaning decks, cleaning cars, and general DIY tasks like these.

Let’s look at the best electric pressure washer for you.

* All data shared was accurate at the time of this review being written. Please keep in mind some models change over time.
NamePressure (PSI)Volume (GPM)Price
Sun Joe SPX30002030 PSI1.76 GPMCheck Price
AR Blue Clean AR3831900 PSI1.5 GPMCheck Price
Ivation IVA-9175L2200 PSI1.8 GPMCheck Price
GreenWorks GPW20002000 PSI1.2 GPMCheck Price
Stanley SLP20502050 PSI1.4 GPMCheck Price
Powerhouse International - The Force 20002000 PSI1.6 GPMCheck Price
PowRyte Elite2400 PSI2.0 GPMCheck Price
Karcher K5 Premium2000 PSI1.4 GPMCheck Price

Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 – Biggest Selling On Amazon

Sun Joe SPX3000

  • Detergent Selection Dial
  • Powerful Motor
  • Changeable Spray Nozzles
  • 35-foot Power Cord
  • Total Stop System

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* Over 5,000 reviews on Amazon

Whatever cleaning task you have at hand, whether it is to clean a car, a house, a driveway, or a building, the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Pressure Washer can get it done. It’s heavy-duty equipment used for removing stains, grease, mud, and any other difficult dirt attached to any material.

The product is equipped with a dual detergent tank system which allows you to switch the kind of detergent to be used depending on the type of dirt you are cleaning. All you need to do is switch the detergent selection dial.

An effective pressure washer is one which is equipped with a powerful motor. The Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Pressure Washer is installed with 1800-Watt/14.5-amp motor which has 1.76 GPM maximum water flow and creates up to 2030 PSI of water pressure. This power makes it possible to eliminate any kind of dirt.

It also features 5 different spray nozzles which you can use interchangeably to change pressure output. In order to clean even the farthest parts of your house or building it has a 35-foor power cord.

It also has a Total Stop System, a trigger which allows automatic shutdown of the pump whenever it detects that the trigger is not engaged. This will help save electric energy and minimize consumption.

2. AR Blue Clean AR383 – 2nd Biggest Selling On Amazon

AR Blue Clean AR383

  • Pressure Washer Gun
  • 20′ High Pressure Hose
  • 14 oz. Detergent Bottle
  • Adjustable Spray

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* Over 3,000 reviews on Amazon

3. Ivation IVA-9175L

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

  • High Output Volume
  • Good Quality Motor
  • Integrated Detergent Tank

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The Ivation IVA-9175L is advertised to be used mostly for household pressure washing needs. Powered with 1800 watts, 4.5 amperes, 1.8GPM, and 2200 PSI for total and ultimate cleaning. It is the most rated pressure washer because of its ability to resolve simple problems which customers experience. An example is units that usually sometimes top over, and also disconnection of adapters.

The Ivation weighs approximately 30 pounds and has wheels which support the heavyweight as its moved along. This product is inexpensive, powerful enough, and very convenient for routine cleaning of cars, patios, decks, and driveways.

4. GreenWorks GPW2000

GreenWorks GPW2002

  • Most Efficient Pressure Washer, This Model Used The Least Amount Of Water
  • Well Designed Self Contained Unit

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The GreenWorks GPW2000 has 2000 PSI with 1.2 GPM and is electric. The more pressure results in better cleaning performance and gets the job done faster.

* Well priced unit with a great set of features. Ideal for home use.

It can be used either vertically or horizontally to acquire maximum stability. Also because of its 25 foot high-pressure hose and 35 foot power cord, it allows a person to reach a broader surface area while washing.

5. Stanley SLP2050

Stanley SLP2050

  • Most Recognized Brand On Test
  • Well Designed Self Contained Unit
  • Can Be Detached From Cart For Portability

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Stanley Black Decker Inc., a top manufacturing company is the most significant company present in this review. This electrically powered device is very innovative and can be used to do a wide variety of tasks like cleaning lawn mowers, bicycles, ATVs, and other outdoor equipment within minutes.

* This is a very well priced pressure washer from a well known brand.

The electric pressure washer is also brilliantly mobile as you can mount it on heavy-duty wheels to move it from one place to another due to it’s easy to move design. It has 2050 PSI of adjustable power to drive away dirt and paint from any surface.

6. Powerhouse International – The Force 2000

Powerhouse International - The Force 2000

  • Lightweight
  • Long Power Cord
  • Spinning patio cleaner or brush
  • Adjustable nozzle – just twist to get a different spray pattern

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The Powerhouse International – The Force 2000 is among the most lightweight electric pressure washers weighing about 23.8 pounds. It consumes approximately 1.6 gallons of water per minute. This pressure washer is best known because of its abilities to be easily used, assembled, and it has a higher degree of safety. This pressure washer is good for cleaning pool areas, porches, siding, screens, and driveways.

* The additional items with this unit such as deck cleaner, detergent bottle, and spare jet were excellent. All items were tested with great results.

It’s not heavy under less than 25 pounds, making it quite easy to move around the house while cleaning whatever. It has a long cord, 35 feet. Thie engine features a 3000 PSI original power boost. It has abilities to remove tough stains standing in its way.

7. PowRyte Elite

PowRyte Elite

  • Highest Water Pressure Reviewed
  • High Output Volume

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The PowRyte Elite portable pressure washer possesses a powerful motor which generates 2400 PSI, and at 2 GPM to take on heavy cleaning jobs. That makes it more expensive than the other pressure washers but worth the price because of what it can do.

This pressure washer has an additional turbo nozzle feature which is a zero-degree pencil jet. The turbo nozzle rotates at an angle of 360 degrees for extended cutting through dirt. Also it has a 1600-watt motor, one of the reasons why its performance is hard to beat. And total stop system which triggers to save energy and prolong power and shuts off the pump automatically.

8. Karcher K5 Premium

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer

  • 25 ft High Pressure Hose
  • Easily Adjust Spray Right From The Wand
  • Onboard Detergent Tank

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Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer